Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter is upon us ...

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  With my dh in Utah for the next week I promised myself that I would spend more time in my craft room.  My dear niece, Ali, turned 15 so I made her a shadow box.  She loves her puppy Hershey, so included a photo of the two of them.  She's also a bit of a fashionista so I used my cricut to cut out some models from the Forever Young cartridge.

I also wanted to take a look at my latest Easter card.  I wasn't happy with some of the papers I chose, so I switched a few things around.  This is my third revision of this card.  I also did a bit of researching on decorative pins.  I wasn't sure if crafters made their pins - or bought them.  So I went to my neighborhood Hobby Lobby (who had all of their glass beads on sale 50% off), so I figured I'd take a shot at making a few.  It was very relaxing to make and I think they turned out pretty nice.  I added a pink and yellow one to my latest Easter card.  I have two more Easter cards to make, so I hope to have them done in time to mail to my two Aunts.

Shadowbox and card for my niece.
Third version of my Easter Card.  I'd love to read your comments.

Enjoy your week!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

What a beautiful Sunday.  The first time in the 60 s in a long time.  After a few hours outside, I figure I should be a bit productive so I cleaned my craft room.  Like many other crafters, my craft room is always a bit messy, but I thought I'd take a photo of it so I remember it when is finally cleaned.  I mentioned on a few sites that we were in the process of remodeling our basement - which actually started because I wanted a place to do my crafting.  I still would like some shelving or photos, but here is what it looks like now - and I had to add a pic of my dog, Wrigley, who is always at my feet when I'm in my craft room.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Tilda and her bike

Tilda wishes happy birthday
Happy Friday all!  Tonight my husband is hosting a poker party which leaves me in my craft room for hours with just my dog, Wrigley, and my favorite stamp, Tilda.  I absolutely love these evenings.  The IPAD is playing music and getting creative.  What more could I ask for?  I finished a birthday card for my inventory and put together a new card using one of my favorite color combinations - pink and brown.  I didn't add a sentiment as I wanted to leave it open for a Birthday or Just Because Card.  I hope you like them.  Not too much going on this weekend, so you might just see another one posted.  Have a great weekend all.  Chicagoland is warming up and I'm so ready for Spring.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Now that I'm a fellow blogger, I created a Spring card that I may enter into challenges.  I thought this one turned out pretty cute.  I hope you like it.
This card I made for my Mom for Easter.  I was quite happy with the way it turned out.

This is my first birthday card after discovering Spell Binders.  This is one of my favorite color combinations.
Although it's probably not true, I feel like I'm the last to start a blog.  Three months ago I was in my cold dungeon of a basement.  Cement walls and naked floors - being covered in a blanket, my UGGs and had a heater blowing my way.  Things had to change if I was going to use the basement thru the winter.  I convinced my husband that we should finish the basement - but I had to let him have a poker and theatre room.  After 3 long months of construction, I finally have a dream craft room.  I'd post a photo, but (like probably most crafters) it's a bit messy.  I love watching videos from Gina K and I love reading other crafters blogs and see their photos.  I hope you enjoy reading my blog.